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- This is a do-it-yourself, fully self-supported ride, complete at your own risk

If you are racing/ timing your ride, the following applies:

- GPS units are very strongly encouraged to maintain route

- Riders must complete specified course and not divert

- In the event you miss a section, or become lost, you must return to the exact location where you had your miscue if you intend
to continue the route without an asterisk next to your name.

- In the event of a mechanical and you need to hitch a ride for a part or repair, you must return to the exact location where you
left the course if you intend to continue the route

- No outside support and no caches, or dropping of gear

- No riding in planes, trains, buses or automobiles.

- Services used must be commercially available to all riders

- SPOT Trackers are encouraged for final standings and based on the fact the route has very limited cell reception

- You MUST carry you own kit.

- Drafting is prohibited, as well as the formation of a peloton

- This is not an official event so there are no entry fees or prizes given to finishers however fastest time each year will be crowned lake monster

- This is not an organized or sanctioned event in any way

- Every rider is solely responsible for their safety and conduct along the route

- It is important to know, understand and follow the rules of the road and on the trails

- Respect the people you encounter, and the communities along the route

- Please follow the principles of Leave No Trace principles

If you are not racing/ timing this ride, the only rule is there is no rule, have fun! Be safe, pack extra food/water, study the map/ re-supply points, carry a spot tracker, test ride your bike. Please note there is limited cell reception throughout most of the route so plan accordingly/ gps units strongly advised.

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