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2024 Grand Depart Field Notes: August 16th, 2024

Thanks for joining us for FTW500's first annual grand depart, August 16th, 2024!

Below are some route field notes for your ride:

PARKING -The town of Grenville, QC has accommodated us with limited 2 to 4 day parking at 360 rue principale, Grenville QC. Depending on registrations, we will provide a second parking location if needed.

Route Notes

Please study the route, plan some rough mapping of your days, note replenishment stops and gaps, sleep locations and distances between everything. This route is quite remote in certain areas with limited re-supplies, particularly:
-Lac des plages to Kiamika (km 63.5 to 193.8)
-Macaza to Labelle (km 278.5 to 395.5)
GPS/ trackers are strongly recommended

St-Emille-De-Suffolk stretch: KMs 59.5 to 60.5 and 61.8 to 62.1 border a 90 km/hr road, be extremely vigilant on this 1.3km stretch. Unfortunately no re-route was available there.

There are many sleeping/ camping options on the route, please take proper measures to ensure availability based on where you plan to stay. Most camp spots will accommodate "walk-in cyclists".The Northern Petit Train du Nord section; KMs (213.6 to 242.7 and 395.7 to 405.5) offer some short term camping/sleeping with no amenities should you be planning for only a few hours of rest. 


Tire size is always a very controversial topic so we will avoid it, however we will mention that there is a good 75-100kms that we wouldn't suggest any less than 40c wide tires...

More to come!

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